Thursday, February 08, 2007

American Idol Recap

They tell us that 172 people went to Hollywood. We saw maybe 40 make it through. Some of the shows were weighted too heavily to losers and people who weren't serious. But 40 different people to keep in mind, learn their stories and watch them as they succeed or fail in Hollywood seems about right. The producers obviously know which ones make it to the final 24 (12 guys and 12 gals), so for all our complaints I'm guessing they knew what they were doing. Still, there's no reason not to soften the hard edges a little. And they did with several contestants, especially Alexander, the flexible Puerto Rican who loved Paula and couldn't sing a lick. The judges went out of their way to be polite to him while not sugarcoating the fact that he can't sing.

TAMI -- butch gal who sang "Whipping Post" and gave off a Janis Joplin vibe. Cool and bluesy, which for me has been this year's musical genre du jour.

PAUL -- Asian guy annoyed by William Hung's "popularity." Sang "If I Ever Fall In Love Again." Good looking but pretty standard on first glance.

GINA -- sang "Black Velvet." I wouldn't have put her through.

EBONY -- roller skating girl who sang Whitney Houston. Her friend was okay but Ebony was beautiful and had a really distinctive voice. definitely one to watch and by far the best of the night.

LAKISHA -- belted out "Think." Strong belter.

Now Hollywood takes place in one week, so a week from Tuesday we'll be watching the Top 12 men perform (in a two hour show), a week from Wednesday we'll watch the top 12 women perform, and two weeks from today we'll having our first results show.

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