Monday, February 12, 2007

The Beatles' "Let It Be" DVD -- Not Anytime Soon

Bummer. The gatekeeper for the Beatles says their 13 proper albums have been remastered and will be out this year -- probably all at once. They're talking about downloads, but I assume they will put them out on CD right away as well. Earlier, we had the rumor that the remastered tracks would come out on iTunes and LATER on CD, which is insane since all the downloads are compressed. The Beatles also say they'll be available on every download service, but Roger Friedman of doesn't say whether iTunes will have an exclusive window. As for the suggestion that the Beatles will get a royalty from sales of iPods -- that's just absurd. The iPod is one of the most successful technology toys in history and sells like gangbusters. They want the Beatles, sure. But do they need the Beatles? No. Would they give the Beatles a cut of their sales? Absolutely not. Perhaps if there were a dedicated iPod stuffed with the Beatles a la that U2 one, they would get a piece of THAT. Nothing else. Finally, I've NEVER seen the movie "Let It Be" and they say it's too painful and raises too many issues to be released. Really? More than Anthology, which I thought was admirably blunt? That sucks, especially since they even botched the release of the original version of "Let It Be" on CD.

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