Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He Makes Phil Spector Seem Reasonable

That would be the odd British producer Joe Meek, who had a "string" of hits (if you can call "three" a "string") but delivered such a strange assemblage of pop songs and was such a volatile figure that he's still fondly remembered today. The Guardian has an appreciation of Meek, which gently refers to his being arrested for "cottaging," a quaint British term for having sex in restrooms (this was when people could be thrown in jail for being gay -- and were). But they go to far in saying Meek released the first concept album in 1960. Frank Sinatra, at least, was there in the early 50s, with "In The Wee Small Hours" of 1954 widely acknowledged as a concept album that revolutionized how people listened to music and upended expectations of what an album might achieve.

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