Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thank God! Anna Nicole Smith's Movie Will Be Seen

Last week, amidst all the Anna Nicole Smith hoopla, we learned she had starred in (and partially funded) a very low-budget comedy about aliens who come to earth looking like super-hot chicks. The people behind it said, gosh, they didn't know what they were gonna do and whether the film -- which was scheduled to be released in a few months -- would go forward now that she had died. My comment was that the only question was how SOON they'd get it out because "that would be what Anna Nicole would have wanted." In a smart move that could make them the most money possible, they've decided to skip a theatrical release and put the movie out on DVD in May. Also, Roger Friedman of reports that a biography of Smith that was shelved last year because it was so dull and uninteresting will suddenly see the light of day. Imagine that.

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