Thursday, December 15, 2005

DVDs Out Tuesday January 17

My weekly DVD column got squeezed out of the Post this week -- too much space taken up by Golden Globes coverage. Here's the column I filed, which inevitably would have had one item cut and the others shortened even more.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Complete Third Season
Unquestionably the best sitcom of all time, this is the season where “MTM” started firing on all cylinders – Ted gets a girlfriend, Rhoda loses weight, and Mary throws a disastrous dinner party. Every episode is quick-witted, smart, and rooted in characters we know so well a simple grunt from Lou can draw a big laugh. Now where’s season four?

Alessandro Nivola is worried he’ll be embarrassed about where he came from when he and his art gallery owner wife Embeth Davidtz visit his family in the South. The surprise is that he becomes more embarrassed of her. Amy Adams scores as the pregnant, sweet wife of “The OC’s” Ben McKensie. Extras include deleted scenes and commentary by the cast.

Mr. Show – The Complete Collection
*** ½
Still freaking out over the possibility that “Arrested Development” may soon be swimming with the fishes? Dive into “Mr. Show,” the HBO sketch comedy series starring Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (Tobias on “AD”). Warning: it makes that sitcom seem positively normal in comparison. Loaded with extras, including commentary on all 30 episodes.

Lois & Clark Second Season
Warner Bros.
In this effective romantic comedy, the Superman mythology is mined for adult banter between Lois (Teri Hatcher) and Clark (Dean Cain). Sexy chemistry between those two is the main reason it works so well. Some 40 years earlier, the 1952 second season of “The Adventures of Superman” (Warner Bros.; $39.98) went in the opposite direction by playing down to the kiddies and robbing the show of whatever modest edge it had.

Also out: the flop sports gambling drama “Two For The Money” (Universal; $29.98), the wickedly funny Britcom “Nighty Night Series 1” (BBC; $29.98), and the somber infidelity period piece “Asylum” (Paramount; $29.99).

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