Saturday, December 31, 2005

"Who Are The Popsurfers?"

Who are the Popsurfers?

We’re a group of journalists, freelance writers, artists and pop culture enthusiasts who have written for just about every mainstream publication you can name. Most have current jobs elsewhere, so they’ll remain anonymous (and be able to speak freely from the inside).

Our team of bloggers:

Michael Giltz

Michael Giltz is an award-winning freelance writer based in New York City who covers all areas of pop culture, including movies, music, books, theater, TV, and DVDs. He’s written more than one thousand reviews, features, opinion columns and cover stories for The Advocate, the New York Post, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Premiere, New York magazine, Out, The Weekly Standard, Disney’s Adventures, In Theatre, the Denver Post, and others. He’s also covered politics, sports and religion and been an active contributor to the popular political blog As an expert on pop culture and politics, Michael Giltz has appeared on TV in Germany, the Basque region, MSNBC and other cable channels. For radio, he’s appeared on NPR in Boston and other local and nationally syndicated radio shows, including Sirius Satellite Radio’s gay and sports channels. He travels annually to the Cannes Film Festival, but otherwise sees no reason whatsover to leave New York City. He can be found on the web at

The other contributors have credentials equal or superior to Michael Giltz.

Monkeyboy – another journalist with extensive and notable credits, he currently is on staff at a major national publication. He’s interviewed every young starlet who’s come down the pike in the last ten years. Monkeyboy is also the world’s foremost expert on “monkey movies.” If there’s a guy in a gorilla suit in a movie, he’s seen it.

Richboy – this contributor resides in the art world, where he is one of the foremost experts in his field. (We can’t name it or everyone in that world would know of whom we speak.) His secret passion is an addiction to reality television. Sure, he watches “American Idol” and “The Amazing Race.” But “Amish in the City?” “The Surreal Life?” He can’t help himself. He's also got a hell of a trust fund.

Bluntboy – another freelance writer with extensive credits (not to mention recent forays into producing TV shows). His caustic wit skewering the silliness of Hollywood is why we call him blunt…that and a fondness for smoking.

Festivalboy – another talent who’s branched out from writing about pop culture to contributing to it via his editing of movie trailers, working on independent documentaries and more. Festivalboy is a fiend for film festivals and literally travels the globe attending every one that he can.

Directorboy – God help him, he wants to direct. He’s taken his work to film festivals around the country. But until his talent is given that one big shot, he’ll soothe his ego by championing fine movies by other directors, going to revivals at art houses like Film Forum and groaning over the pain caused by TV shows he likes but inevitably let him down. (“Gilmore Girls” and “NewsRadio” spring to mind.) Quite the Anglophile.

Theaterboy -- she's seen at all, sweetheart, so don't even. A true Broadway baby, this dedicated theatergoer cleans her apartment to songs from "The Rink," trudges through her daily job with an assist from Streisand and Sondheim, and then perks up before going out on the town by turning up the volume on "Dreamgirls." (Get her to describe the raucous previews she attended for that legendary show.) Bitter? Sure, who wouldn't be. But give her a strong melody, good lyrics and someone who can sing, really sing, and she's yours.

Biboy -- A working scientist, biboy's weakness is sci-fi and virtually any production -- anywhere -- of Wagner's "Ring" cycle.

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