Friday, April 14, 2006

American Idol -- My Two cents

Ryan Seacrest said Simon looks grumpy. No wonder: this is the worst batch of singers the show has ever produced. And now I have to recallibrate my claims about Idol being a variety show, viewers watching to hear a really good performance, etc. That ain't happening this year, but I still find the show as engaging as ever. So yes, those factors help, but they aren't essential. I guess ultimately it IS just a reality show. I could never be surprised that Bucky would leave, but I actually thought his performance of Fat Bottomed Girls was about as good as he'd ever been -- I actually understood a fair chunk of the words. And it's cruel, but I loved watching Ace's terrified deer-in-the-headlights look during the entire results show on Wednesday. Obviously, when he does get eliminated, it won't be such a surprise. And how much do the producers want to keep Kellie in for a few more weeks? You can tell the artists they love because the director pulls out all the stops with camera angles, lighting, editing, etc? And why didn't any of the judges mention how horribly out of tune, off key, pitchy etc she was during her performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody?" (And going back in time, why didn't the judges mention Taylor started singing "Take Me Home (Country Roads)" in too high a key?" And Simon was right about Daughtry. His 30 second performance of "Under Pressure" was terrific and hinted at the triumph he might have had. And what will our hard rocker sing during standards week?


Anne said...

I agree 100% with everything you said. But you neglected to mention Katharine or Paris.

Now let's start with Paris. She a bit too young and naive and emotional to actually be the winner. Hell, she'd cry buckets if she did win... but I truly think Chris will win. He's the best this year.

Katharine- Can you say full of herself? Oye. I absolutely abhor egotistical idiots and she's one of them. She stood up there when Ryan told her she looked good and said, "I know" WTF???? She, like Ace, plays on her looks and it ticks me off royally. Yeah, she's pretty, so what? She can sing and THAT'S what she should be using to try to win the competition. It would have been interesting to hear her try to sing a faster song for once... but she stuck with the same bland and boring stuff.. and she wasn't that great at it either.

You're absolutely correct.. this is the worst year ever.

Michael in New York said...

I agree w you about both Paris and Katherine. Paris could be a real talent five years from now but she's too young. And Katherine's Queen number was weak.