Friday, April 14, 2006

The Book Of Jobs

That is my name for the technological woes I have suffered recently. I THINK I have stabilized my computer -- but we shall see. Not to turn this haphazard site into a technology blog, but here are the technology stumbling blocks I still face:

1. My cell phone gets NO reception in my new apartment, making it a $60 a month answering machine.
2. My Maxtor backup harddrive is still not working properly
3. My computer has no sound.
4. My website is hopelessly out of date because of compatilibilty problems with the lame server I have it based on (for the moment)
5. My surround sound system on my TV is not working
6. My DVD recorder is not hooked up properly

So phone, tv, stereo, and computer are all frustrating me in one way or another. Now where is my abacus?


Ed Sikov said...

See "technological leper" post, below.

Michael in New York said...

You're right. This post should be called "The Book of the Noseless Ones." That of course destroys the pun.