Monday, April 03, 2006

Michael Buble Feels At Home With Canadian Awards

Would-be Sinatra singer Michael Buble won four big awardsd at the Junos, the Canadian equivalent to the Grammys. (He scored top album, top artist, top single and pop album.) I don't know what to enjoy more, the snarky comments of the Globe and Mail ("Mr. Bublé also gave an off-key performance of his soft-pop single, Home."), Buble's own acknowledgement of his lack of critical support ("I know that there are some people who hate what I do. . . . This is a subjective business. It's not necessarily true that the best guy or the best band won tonight. . . . But damn, this feels good.") or the fact that Pamela Anderson was booed for speaking out against the clubbing of seals. (Presumably because the audience didn't want to see the show hijacked for any political purpose, not because they're pro-clubbing of baby seals.)

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