Friday, April 14, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings: "Commander In Chief" Not Dead Yet

ABC's much beleagured "Commander In Chief" returned last night. It didn't set the world on fire, but it did improve on its "American Inventor" lead-in and beat a rerun of "ER" in a key demographic. It gets another pass next week when its competition is all repeats and then come the originals and a real test for the show. The big TV scheduling news is that ABC will almost certainly move "Grey's Anatomy" to Monday nights at 9 p.m. next season. It's proven it can flourish on its own, Monday Night Football is gone and ABC needs an anchor for that night. Ta-da: "Anatomy" goes to Monday and the 10 p.m. Sunday slot after "Housewives" is available to launch another hit. (They hope.) In dorkier news, Fox made a deal with its affiliates to put 60% of its lineup online the day after it airs, with local stations taking a cut of the proceeds. The shows will be available on Fox's MySpace website. (It's not clear whether they'll be streaming them like ABC or what.) Why only 60%? The only news story anyone should write in the future is about the shows that AREN'T available online the next day after airing -- if people want to pay for shows you just aired for free,why not let them? And Fox has a MySpace page?


Ed Sikov said...

Matt Lanter needs to show more skin. Or, more precisely, I need Matt Lanter to show more skin.

Michael in New York said...

You better brush up on your baseball knowledge -- he was a batboy for the Atlanta Braves and played it regularly.

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