Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pro Baseball Players Get Married

Okay, it was just a prank by two veterans on the Toronto Blue Jays who got punked by teammates earlier. But I love that it was the shortstop and second baseman because those are two players who work more symbiotically than almost anyone else except the pitcher and the catcher (no jokes please). Those are also the positions the players played in the comic gay baseball novel The Dreyfuss Affair, which someone is always threatening to turn into a movie. (Which is fine with me as long as they change the ending.) But it is telling that they could pull this prank and everyone would joke about it, down tothe players telling the reporters were they went on their honeymoon. Progress takes all sorts of unexpected forms, doesn't it?


catalyst said...

Mike: Apparently, your Mandisa bashing got her booted off American Idol.

Actually, I'm just curious whether you think her "lifestyle" comment played a part in her receiving low votes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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priv8pete said...

This probably isn't enough for you Michael:


One last question. A lot of your fans were upset that you listed Living Proof Ministries' Beth Moore — who says homosexuality is ''scary'' — as one of your idols on the American Idol website. Are people right to think you're anti-gay?

It breaks my heart to hear that's what people thought of me. I hate nobody. I absolutely live my life treating others the way I would want to be treated. I live my life being guided by love.

Daryl Chin said...

Yes, i was waiting for your comments on Mandisa this week! (Inquiring minds want to know.)

Michael in New York said...

Of course it ain't enough for me, priv8pete. If I said I supported David Duke and then someone asked me if I was anti-black, my response is "Oh, it breaks my heart people would think that." Hardly distancing herself from Moore. Her FAVORITE person in the world is a nutty anti-gay far-right author who preaches fear of God as her driving force and then people are recruited into the gay lifestyle. Mandisa is guided by love and treats others the way she would want to be treated, ie if she was a vile sinner she would hope others would try and rescue her as well. All she had to say was, I don't agree with everything Moore writes or I love gay people or something. She didn't. And if you want to win American Idol, you don't piss off the gays. They're probably the biggest swing vote out there. The grannys have their favorites, people from certain states have their local favorites, people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds have their favorites, people who like only country or hip-hop have their favorites...and the big swing group that can make or break you? The gays.