Friday, January 19, 2007

"30 Rock" Almost Certain To Get Second Season

At the annual TV convention, NBC's head gave every indication that "30 Rock" would return for a second season. His enthusiasm for "Friday Night Lights" was somewhat similar though not as strong. Now if only he could realize "FNL" is a spring-only series that should run on Friday nights without reruns. (Also, "Everybody Hates Chris" has been officially renewed.)

At the same convention, Aaron Sorkin talked about "Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip" in an attempt to show he understand the criticisms of the show. Unfortunately, he was so defensive and unintentionally obnoxious, it's clear he DOESN'T understand. “I get it when people write that there’s a smugness to the show, there’s an arrogance to the show,” [Sorkin] said.
“I get it when people write that the characters on the show take doing the television show too seriously.... “Doing a TV show is something I take seriously, and it’s something everybody here takes very seriously. But it’s something that the average person who, for lack of a better word, works a real job, resents slightly because it doesn’t seem like a real job.”
Uh, no. People don't resent the fact that TV people have a fun, high-paying job doing something that should be a blast. They think it's cool and interesting. But people doing "real" jobs don't take their own jobs so seriously. Whether they're UPS drivers or store clerks or accountants or bankers or whatever, they may take pride in their work but they don't act as if the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Heck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer actually DOES save the world and even she doesn't take her job that seriously. People don't RESENT Sorkin because he's got a fun job. They just don't understand why he doesn't take the stick out of his butt. It's a frickin' variety show. You can take your job seriously, yearn to do it well, work really hard and STILL have fun doing it. But not apparently if you're Sorkin. Clearly, he doesn't get it. Not in the least.

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