Monday, January 15, 2007

The Bestseller List -- Serious Fiction Claws Onto Chart

It's been a remarkable fall on the bestseller list. I can't remember the last time serious fiction was so completely shut out. Finally, this week on the NYTimes bestseller list, we see two titles clawing their way onto the chart at the very bottom. Cormac McCarthy's acclaimed post-apocalyptic novel "The Road" is at #15 and Dave Eggers is tied with him at #16 with "What Is The What," a fictionalized version of a harrowing true-life immigrant's tale. On the nonfiction list, I wonder what is worse for sincere Christians: the anti-faith works "The God Delusion" and "Letter To A Christian Nation" or the foolishness of psychic Sylvia Browne's "The Mystical Life Of Jesus." Personally, I'd rather be challenged than embarrassed any day.

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