Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Doors Are Bland, Apparently

In discussing the return of mild sitcom "The King Of Queens," the NYTimes makes two odd comments. One, they refer to the show as bland and easy to take, a la pizza and...the Doors? I'm not old enough to remember, but weren't the Doors genuinely dangerous, with Jim Morrison exposing himself and the band bringing epic 8 minute+ songs like "The End" to the radio pretty genre-busting? Sure, NOW they seem familiar, but they were hardly comfort food at the beginning. Wouldn't a better comparison for "The King Of Queens" have been Hootie & The Blowfish or Barry Manilow or something? Second, they suggest the show is ending because star Kevin James has decided to move on. Now, the show is in its ninth season, so it's clearly ready to say goodbye. But in fact it was CBS that jerked the show around, debated whether to bring it back and finally decided on giving the show a short order for one more go-around as a mid-season replacement. I've never heard a single suggestion anywhere that James wouldn't have been pleased as punch to have a full season order of 22 episodes or even happier to come back for a tenth year. In trying to give the show credit for being somewhat amusing, they've gone overboard and distorted the facts.

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