Friday, January 12, 2007

God Is Responsible For Massive Success Of "Hannah Montana"

So watch it or perish, sinners! I find "Hannah Montana" modestly amusing. But I can't help getting annoyed/puzzled/concerned when people seem to confuse earthly glory with the will of God. Miley Cyrus does it in this USA Today profile, where the talented, nice kid is quoted:
Faith is "the main thing," she says. "That's kind of why I'm like here in Hollywood — to be like a light, a testimony to say God can take someone from Nashville and make me this, but it's his will that made this happen."
Though the idea of God caring about your career path is foreign to Catholics, I understand the basic idea of reminding yourself and others that nothing is possible without God (breathing, walking, the entire world, your talents, etc.). But people constantly seem to confuse that modest understanding with believing that God WANTED them to win the basketball game, that God WANTED "Hannah Montana" to be a huge success in the ratings. Was it really God's plan for Cyrus to become a huge TV star? Does that mean it was God's plan to break the hearts and crush the dreams of the thousands of girls who auditioned and DIDN'T get the role? Was it God's plan for my Florida Gators to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes? Did God mean for my quarterback to bask in glory and their quarterback to be riddled with shame for the rest of his life? Shouldn't someone who embraces faith and an afterlife also know that earthly glory and success is utterly meaningless? God doesn't plan for people to be pop stars or garbagemen, Olympic athletes or disabled. Nielsen ratings are the last thing on God's mind. Your faith should be there to help you handle fame or failure with dignity and grace and a perspective on what really matters. God does NOT have a favorite in "American Idol." Why can't these people understand that to think He does cheapens God and their faith?


Michael in New York said...

And priv8pete avoids the bait.

I am not Star Jones said...

because they delusionally believe that god only believes in them.