Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Grease" Is Not The One That We Want

Apparently, the producers of the new Broadway revival of "Grease" crowed too soon about the box office. In the first few days, thanks to tons of TV publicity, the show took in more than $1 million. Great start, except since then ticket sales have stalled. The TV show has endured poor reviews and faces a dilemma -- to create a great Broadway show they need sexy young stars; to create good tv drama they need a wide-ranging cast of characters. Most of the people they put through are CLEARLY never going to be cast in the show. (It's not like "American Idol," where the winners have been all over the map as far as appearances and size and age.) So anyone looking towards the musical would think, why are they wasting my time with that 40 year old guy who is too old to play John Travolta's DAD in the show? But anyone just watching the show would get bored with a bunch of cookie cutter wannabes. And now the producers realize the last revival of "Grease" was a cheapo production that chugged along by stunt-casting celebrities. This production will be led by unknowns. It's gonna have to be great to succeed or people will just go to "Hairspray" instead."

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