Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Howard Stern Gets $83 Million Bonus

He's earned every bit of it. Stern committed to Sirius satellite radio back in 2004, when they had just 600,000 subscribers and he was the biggest radio star around. Outsiders predicted he could help the company grow to 3.5 million subscribers by 2006 (its competitor XM had a huge lead in technology and paying customers). If Stern could beat that projection by a massive 2 million, he'd get this bonus. Today, Sirius has more than 6 MILLION subscribers, meaning he topped predictions handily and is putting the heat on XM. The NYTimes chats with Stern, who poo-poos the idea he needs the FCC and constraints to be funny. (Does Chris Rock need to clean up his act and go on TV to be funny or can he stick to clubs, asks Stern?)But he does draw the line at chloroforming people -- Howard Stern, a model of restraint.

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