Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The iPhone

UPDATE: Now Apple has posted little demo videos on their website, showing you how the iPhone works, how you can scroll through your albums, make phone calls, send emails all by touch. It's knee-weakeningly cool.

I almost never buy first generation tech toys, but I might have to make an exception this time for the iPhone. Mind you, I'm not part of Cingular and I don't currently own an iPod and I don't have a smartphone, so this answers a lot of my needs. $500 is a lot for a cell phone. It's not a lot for a cell phone, an iPod, a digital camera and a PDA. Here are some cool photos. I'm actually surprised it's called an iPhone, since another company has owned that name since 1997. There's no word on whether Apple has made a deal with the company that has owned the rights to iPhone and been selling one for years or whether they're just gonna try bigfooting them in the market and drag it out in court and offer to pay them off later. Finally, you just know version 2.0 is gonna have a bigger harddrive, better features, etc. But I've got $500 in credit at the Apple store so it's either buy a Mac now or wait till June and buy my (first) iPhone, with a new service contract. Hmm. The best reason to buy? It'll make my sister jealous.


Steve Friess said...

See, and what I can't figure out is why haven't come up with a wireless iPod. Is there anything more irksome about iPods than all the cords on the earbuds? We know the technology exists. What the heck are they waiting for???

Steve Friess

Michael in New York said...

Good question. Since this has bluetooth, it's possible that you could use the wireless earpieces with it -- certainly by the second generation at Christmas 2007, that should be a done deal for this iPhone, if not the iPod in general. Mind uou, the iPhone looks so sexy, I don't think you'd ever want to put it in your pocket.

joe said...

I thought I read yesterday that Cisco owned the rights to the name iPhone but that an agreement with Apple was forthcoming.

Justin said...

Yeah, Cicsco is allowing Appple to use the name, which is a little ironic, since Apple sues any company with a product that uses the letter "i" in front of the name. (Actually, I'm not sure that's irony. But whatever, just go with it.)

I gotta say I love the phone. But I can't see myself buying it. Mainly, because I would be so scared of losing it or having it stolen. I'll wait for the 2nd generation phone.

Michael in New York said...

Actually, see my later post -- Apple kept negotiating with Cisco but made the announcement before getting the rights, putting themselves in a very awkward position legally. ApplePhone, anyone? I too think I'll wait for the second generation come Christmas. Too many areas for improvement on an already cool device.