Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is "Borat" Un-PC?

UK artist Stewart Lee (who worked on the hilarious musical "Jerry Springer: The Opera") has the smartest take I've read on "Borat" and "The Office" and other envelope-pushing comedies.
I'm 38, and old enough to remember comedy, and life in general, before political correctness. At secondary school in the Midlands in the early 80s, our maths teacher, who was a genuinely nice man, would routinely refer to the one Asian boy in our class as "the Black Spot", fondly imagining that this was in some way inclusive, like some pocket calculator-wielding version of David Brent™.
No, they're not saying it's okay to mock Jews and blacks and gays -- they're showing up the idiots who do it or wish they could if society didn't make it so unacceptable.

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