Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meryl Streep To Sing? Mamma Mia!

Meryl Streep FINALLY gets to make a major movie musical. (She fought for the role of Evita Peron and lost to Madonna. And of course Streepm would have been IDEAL for the lead in "Sweeney Todd," but director Tim Burton gave it to his non-singing wife Helena Bonham Carter.) So what movie is Streep making? "Mamma Mia," the ABBA musical. Great, I'm sure she'll be terrific and do those songs justice. Too bad the plot is paper-thin (to say the least). What songs will Streep be tackling alone or with others? "Money Money Money;" "Mamma Mia;" "Dancing Queen;" "Super Trouper;" "One Of Us;" "Our Last Summer;" "Slipping Through My Fingers;" and finally "The Winner Takes It All" (her Oscar moment, possibly).


Biboy said...

We have an album of songs by Sandra Boynton on which Streep sings a song called, "Nobody understands me!" which is hilarious. She's a wonderful singer.

Michael in New York said...

Oh yes. She got her start on Broadway and sang in musicals. This is long overdue. I just wish the plot and characters were stronger.