Friday, January 05, 2007

More Misleading Stories on New Warner Bros. DVD

The Associated Press is swallowing the foolish assertion by Warner Bros. that their new DVD will "end" the format war between the next generation HD-DVD and the Blue-Ray DVD. Consumers have invested BILLIONS of dollars in their DVD library over the past ten ro so years, they love them and they have no interest right now in the next generation of DVDs which are better looking -- if you buy an expensive new player and an expensive new TV to watch them on. The new WB DVD simply prolongs the format war by making both versions available on DVD for a premium price. In other words, people aren't willing to spend $30 on Blu-Ray or $35 on HD-DVD titles, but WB thinks people will spend $40 for the pleasure of owning BOTH. Nope. The format war will end when studios finally agree on one standard -- new machines that play both and new DVDs that contain both will just keep mainstream consumers on the sidelines even longer. Everyone who doesn't work for any of these companies will tell you the same thing: don't buy either format or either player. And not just because you want to avoid getting stuck with obsolete technology. You should also not bother because you're much better off spending your money on a fancy TV screen/flat panel that will show off the DVDs you do own to tremendous effect. I switch to a next-generation DVD once they've chosen one format and the price of players is below $300 and the DVDs themselves COST THE SAME.

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