Thursday, January 18, 2007

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Idol" A Monster

MediaWeek's Marc Berman has the final overnight ratings. "Idol" was a monster again, averaging 36.87 million viewers and growing every half hour. That was more than the other four networks COMBINED. You can probably keep that idea in mind for the rest of the season -- "Idol" will continue to blow everyone else out of the water. "Deal or No Deal" and especially "Criminal Minds" proved solid counterprogramming, showing there's no need to throw in the towel as long as you don't mind an audience comprised of 70 year olds. "FNL" was a rerun and down to a typical 4.5 million viewers (not bad for a repeat, actually in this day and age). By the way, I really liked the brother and sister team and can't wondering why the guy with the cool hyair who sang the Amos Lee song had been rejected two times previously (presumably before getting through to the judges). Is there any other show on TV?


sftom said...

We were wondering the same the thing about the guy who was rejected twice prior. We figured he was a victim of the judges moods. Sometimes they put through many people and other times they are very picky. We thought the bro/sis were very cute. You see so few Indian nationality (I'm guessing they were - Asian sub-continent at least) in these shows, wonder why? We were a bit disturbed at the picking on some the contestents looks (deformities?)

Michael in New York said...

Yeah, I found the comments about physical appearances a little jarring too, especially since Ruben Studdard triumphed -- do you have to be black to get away with being fat? I think the show always does much better when indulging the deluded with bemused shrugs rather than actively mocking them. I think if the judges had seen that guy before it would have come up. My guess is he never made it to them -- maybe nerves or a bad day or a clueless producer that missed his talent?