Friday, January 12, 2007

The Russians Love Mel's "Apocalypto"

Why am I not surprised? Roger Friedman of is right to say the movie may not be profitable (even though it has a lot of overseas dates ahead of it). But that doesn't mean the movie is a flop in theaters. Regardless of the budget (reportedly some $40 million), "Apocalypto" is the third highest grossing foreign language film in US history at $47 million (so far), behind "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" at $120 mil+ and "Life Is Beautiful" at $57 million. (By the way, I'd rather watch "Apocalypto" ten times than have to watch "LIB" again.) It might pass "LIB before all is said and done, though that's probably a stretch. If it keeps doing well overseas (the UK and Russia have proven very profitable), there's no reason to think this action-oriented flick won't gross $80 million worldwide, keeping Mel in the black. Anyway, I'm sure ballerina Simone Clarke loved it.

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