Friday, January 05, 2007

Woody Allen: Our New Nostradamus

They're holding a Woody Allen retro at Film Forum and I was just reminded of a scene from "Hannah and Her Sisters." On TV, they were advertising a "Starving Artists Sale" at a convention center, telling people to seize the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of real oil paintings in their home. For $19, they guaranteed you'd be able to find "Sofa-sized Paintings!" I have never heard of paintings described by their size before, but of course that's just like a scene in "Hannah" where the artist Max Von Sydow is horrified by a couple looking for a painting that could match their brown couch. We'll know things are sad when they start to describe paintings as "futon-sized."


Alex Lewin said...

Which begs the question...what is Woody Allen's best film?

MR. Bill said...

"Sleeper" or "Take the Money and Run".

And I'm a artist, who does commissions (yup I'm that single gay parent they keep waring you against, and need the bread) and have matched some truly hideous sofas. In some cases, the commission was my best work.
Mozart was a feudal servant who wrote to fill up time. He still turned out masterpieces...