Friday, January 12, 2007

You Can TOTALLY Influence "High School Musical 2!"

Like, omigod, you can go to the Disney website and vote on plot twists in "HSM2." (Do I need to spell it out? NO!) Naturally, none of the really big plot developments are up to a vote (and some fo the options I would have liked to see weren't available). Some of my votes: what kind of sandwich should Troy prepare for Gabriella? Duh! A veggie wrap. Peanut butter and jelly is too retro, turkey is boring and lobster and gorgonzola panini is kinda faggy, don't you think? Zeke should make Sharpay a Peach-Kiwi Volcanbo pastry (whatever that is), though I hope Ryan gets to taste it too. Omigod, now we have to wait until summer to see what picks won!!

By the way, some more "HSM" madness: since the movie's debut last January and the show's licensing for amateur productions in the fall, more than 1000 student productions of the show have sprung up around the country. And last week, even though it's been aired close to 20 times and is available on DVD, a rerun of "HSM" reached more than 4 million viewers and was one of the top five shows on cable. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

i might die if he doesnt

yes, i ahve a reason...
its so cute, because he doesnt really know how to make anything (that's Zeke's job ;)) but he wanted this romantic picnic anyways, so he whipped together some peanut butter & jelly sandwichs.
and even if he does no how to make other sandwiches, its still cute this way. :)

Anonymous said...

and oh yea, 1 other must; do people agree that the University's mascot HAS to be redhawkes?? honestly, there is no competition.

in the pop-up edition of the movie, it is disclosed that the director added as much red to the set as possible because he felt it was a strong color etc etc, and they're the yea...:)