Friday, January 12, 2007

You're On Your Own

I'm off to visit with my friend Chris from Canada. (His first stop? The Apple store.) Then lunch and reading newspapers and mail and buying jeans because my other jeans have mysteriously SHRUNK (no, I have no opinion on whether I'm fatter, why would you ask?) and maybe Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole or one of the 20 DVDs I still have to watch so I can make my list. In the spirit of that, I hate Luc Besson and he had something to do with the French action flick "B-13" but I can't help it -- this silly, mildly futuristic action B-movie is pure popcorn fun. If you liked the opening chase in the new Bond, you'll LOVE this movie, which is filled with that sort of stuff. It's not QUITE good enough to make my best of the year list (I think) but I had a blast watching it and can't wait to see the director's next movie.

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