Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Police Tour Ripoff

Credit where credit is due: the NY Post is the ONLY outlet anywhere online or in print that I saw which detailed the most important news about the Police tour. Yes, everyone gave the on-sale dates when available -- for NYC, the on-sale date is February 20. But Billboard hinted that fans belonging to a brand-new Police website could get access to tickets BEFORE that date. Despite numerous searches and reading every "The Police Are Going On Tour" article that I could find in major outlets, NO ONE gave me more info on that or a website. Unitl I read the NY Post. There, Mary Huhn gave the me the bummer news (and the website). You can go to ThePoliceTour.com and register as a member and get access to tickets in advance. (Huhn got the date wrong, but hey, at least she tried.) For New York, the early access is Valentine's Day, February 14 at noon. All you have to do is pay $100 to join their club. In other words, they're already charging $225 for tickets, but if you REALLY want a ghost of a chance of getting good seats (or any seats at all, frankly), you better fork over another $100. You can buy up to four tickets for each show. So if you didn't read the NY Post, you might not have realized that waiting till Feb 20 would probably be too late.

UPDATE: The NY Post said the onsale date for the fan club members would be Feb 13. The Police Tour website said it would be Feb 14. But the Ticketmaster website said it would be Feb 15. AND it said that the Best Buy presale was sold out (whatever that was). Why do I get the feeling I'm gonna be screwed either way?

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Anonymous said...

This Police Tour is turning into a joke in my opinion. I am in Seattle and an dealing with the same crap right now. I had a "Best Buy code" to use and it actually worked yesterday BUT it would only give me access to the most expensive seats at Key Arena. Total crap. I just wanted the 100$ tickets! Now I have to wait until Sat. when it goes on sale to the general public and I know they will be gone in minutes. Hell, there are people that were putting up Police tickets on ebay minutes after the presale started...and they were at 4X the price!!!! this ticketmaster and scalper crap has to stop. In 1992 I slept out overnight in 12 degree weather to get Guns N. Roses Tickets...that is how it needs to be done. I dont see why people from all over the country can get a venues tickets when they dont even live there....and then scalp them for 4-6 times the amount. Who is buying those seats???? I say FU*K the Police!