Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend Box Office -- Eddie Murphy Wins (And Loses)

Eddie Murphy's new movie "Norbit" opened to #1 at the box office. Couple that with his acclaimed appearance in "Dreamgirls" (which is one week away from grossing $100 mil) and it should be the happiest time in the world for him. But Murphy's acceptance speeches have been bland to downright indifferent and "Norbit" is all over the place right before the oscar ballots are due. There's a very good chance that Murphy hurt himself by having this movie open up and Oscar voters might hesitate to give a guy in a fat suit an Academy Award. That might have just opened the door for Alan Arkin. I also suspect we might be seeing an upset in the Best Actor Oscar award. At the Oscar Luncheon, Peter O'Toole received a standing ovation from all his fellow nominees. And Forest Whitaker's speeches have also been dull as dishwater. But remember, these would be upsets -- Whitaker and Murphy are still the front-runners. The Top 10 per Box Office Prophets:

1. Norbit -- $33.7 million total
2. Hannibal Rising -- $13.3 million
3. Because I Said So -- $9 million ($25.6 million total)
4. The Messengers -- $7.2 million ($24.7 million total)
5. Night At The Museum -- $5.7 million ($232.1 million total)
6. Epic Movie -- $4.4 million ($35.5 million total)
7. Smokin' Aces -- $3.8 million ($30.9 million total)
8. Pan's Labyrinth -- $3.5 million ($26.6 million total)
9. Dreamgirls -- $3.1 million ($97.1 million total)
10. The Queen -- $2.5 million ($49 million total)

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