Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is This News?

Monkeyboy can't stop laughing over the motley collection of headlines at under the "More News" section to the right. (Of course, this changes all the time but these were the headlines as of 2:54 p.m.) We're occupying two countries, an entire major American city has been wiped off the map, riots are engulfing the Middle East, Israel's leader is in a coma and these are among the top stories?

1. 360 Degree Blog: Talking To A Girl Made To Eat Her Enemies
2. Autistic Hoopster Scores 20 Points In 4 Minutes
3. "Dope Candy" Leaves Sour Taste In Officials' Mouths
4. Vanity Fair Catching Flak For Naked Cover Shot

Maybe these really are the end times. Can anyone lend me their copy of Left Behind?


priv8pete said...

The book or the Kirk Cameron blockbuster?

Ed Sikov said...

Kirk Cameron is naked on the cover of VANITY FAIR? Wow.