Monday, September 18, 2006

"CSI: MIami" Is The New Baywatch

That's right, the sequel to "CSI" has always stood in the shadow of the original here in the US. But overseas, "CSI: Miami" is currently the #1 TV show in the world, seen by some 50 million viewers a week. (That's a bit low by "Baywatch" standards, I think.) That's why the season premiere begins in Brazil: Miami has an international flair, the show is a hit all over the world and they wanted to international-ize some of the action. Who knew? I bet this time David Caruso stays put until the absolute last day of the last episode. And then he'll gladly come back for a TV movie spin-off.

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Mandy_Cakes said...

Hey CSI Miami is totaly the "New Baywatch". CSI Miami is awsome in some way or another it's educational, interesting, heart breaking, emotional, and exciting.