Friday, September 08, 2006

Disney's Next Big Musical: "The Little Mermaid"

"Tarzan" is looking to keep its head up on Broadway. "Mary Poppins" (which was a hit, but not a blockbuster, in London) opens soon. But Disney is already eyeing its next Broadway stab at smash-dom. "The Little Mermaid" opens in Denver next summer. The most intriguing element: Doug Wright (author of the wonder "I Am My Own Wife") is writing the book. Disney continues to push the envelope as far as collaborators are concerned. All credit to them: instead of pushing out safe, cookie cutter material they do at least strive for something original. They don't always succeed. (Hello, "Aida.") But they do convincingly try.

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mitchell hurricane said...

Oh I thought there next big musical was going to be "The Road to 9/11" The folks at ABC and Disney didn't think it was insulting enough to create a partisan lie fest so the going for a musical comedy version.