Monday, November 13, 2006

"24" In A Hospital

The creators of "24" are working on a drama for ABC set in a hospital. "ER" sometimes dabbled in sort-of-real-time episodes, like that famous one where Dr. Greene was desperately trying to deliver a baby. This time, the "24" guys say they're looking to mix comedy and drama a la "M*A*S*H." I hope they mean the black-humored mix of comedy and drama in the first three seasons and not the pompous, "important" drama leavened by splotches of comedy during the last six or so years. Is this the right time for them to launch a new show anyway? They're supposed to be doing a season of "24" followed by a "24" feature film followed by ANOTHER season of "24." Do they really need to launch another series too? Frankly, I wish they'd choose between continuing the series and beginning a film franchise. Mixing the two is a very bad idea.

UPDATE: Actually, the new series is named "The Call" and is about paramedics, with each episode taking place in real time as they answer an emergency.Obviously, each episode will be basically self-contained.


joe said...

I think the hospital drama should be a spinoff in which the doctors are treating all the people that Jack Bauer has directly or indirectly sent to the hospital (no including those in a body bag).

Michael in New York said...

Uh, no hospital is big enough to handle that number of people. That would make for great crossover possibilities, though. I imagine Bauer would go through surgery without anaesthesia.