Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another "Gilmore Girls" Obit

People are turning against the show in droves. So does the NYT, which is lamenting a series it barely paid any attention to. I should be happy they're talking about "Gilmore Girls" -- and even getting the details right about the show's creative malaise -- but they still annoy me. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is referred to as "despotic" as if it's a given. Says who? Maybe she is a pain on the set; I haven't a clue. But this seems like an odd time to slam her since you're bemoaning the fact that the show is rudderless without her. Then they dismiss the new show runner David Rosenthal as best known for some play they consider vile. Sure, he wrote that play -- and worked on "Ellen" and "Hope & Faith." Surely those are better known than some failed play. Instead of just dissecting the show they take gratuitious swipes and the people working on it. Even when the NYT gets it right, they get it wrong.

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