Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Billboard Charts: Kids Wanna Rock

Neil Diamond is releasing his terrific album "12 Songs" in a deluxe edition Dec 12with a second disc featuring demos and alternate takes. What a silly idea: the album is already spare and low-key, so the demos will add virtually nothing to our appreciation of what is surely Diamond's masterpiece. And Prince moves closer to setting up shop in Las Vegas a la Celine Dion.

But the big music news is that kids dominate the charts. The best-selling album of 2006 (and the only one to go triple platinum)? "High Scholl: The Musical." And now this week the cool, highly touted album by My Chemical Romance is kept out of the top slot by..."Hannah Montana." Crazy. Per Billboard, the Top 10:

1. Various Artists -- Hannah Montana Soundtrack
2. My Chemical Romance -- The Black Parade
3. John Legend -- Once Again
4. Justin Timberlake -- FutureSexy/LoveSounds
5. Evanescence -- The Open Door
6. Hinder -- Extreme Behavior
7. Diddy -- Press Play
8. Tony Bennett -- Duets: An American Classic
9. Nickelback -- All The Right Reasons
10. The Killers -- Sam's Town

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