Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Creator Of "Quartermass" Is Dead

A British sci-fi classic, "Quartermass" was about an alien coming to earth via a returning British space rocket. I remember it fondly. But what really struck me were some of the other shows writer Nigel Kneale is remembered for. He did an adaptation of Orwell's "1984" back in the Fifties that was so provoking that Members of Parliament questioned whether it was suitable for airing on TV. And then there's this:
"The Year of the Sex Olympics," made in 1968, imagined a future in which the public are subjugated by reality TV which places volunteers in a remote house and monitors their every move.
Outrageous. Ridiculous. It'll never happen. In a completely unrelated story, the UK's "Big Brother" won Best Reality Show at the British National Television Awards.

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