Monday, November 06, 2006

CW Is Hurting

I've been saying it for weeks. When does one plus one equal .8? When the WB and UPN combine to make CW. Yes, they combined the "best" of the two networks. Unfortunately, the best shows were also aging shows well past their creative primes for the most part. The CW tries to distract the media with all sorts of claims about females aged 18-34 and other demo slicing. But the simple fact is that, according to MediaWeek:
Ratings for 7th Heaven are down 33 percent, Gilmore Girls is down 22 percent, Smallville is down 22 percent and Supernatural is down 32 percent. For the UPN ethnic sitcom block of All of Us, Everybody Hates Chris and Girlfriends, ratings are down 35 percent, 54 percent and 32 percent, respectively. Only America’s Next Top Model and Veronica Mars are up in the demo over last year, while One Tree Hill and WWE Smackdown are flat.
Creatively, this should be the last season for Gilmore Girls, Smallville, 7th Heaven and One Tree Hill. Only "Everybody Hates Chris," Supernatural" and "Veronica Mars" have any hope of improving and frankly, "Veronica" is only doing better because it has a much better lead-in. The show isn't doing a great job of retention and would fail on its own. Their only honest-to-goodness bright spot is "America's Next Top Model." They better have a terrific pilot season.

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