Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hugh Jackman On Woody Allen

The Guardian has a profile of Hugh Jackman pegged to the feuding magicians movie "The Prestige." I got to see Jackman in "Oklahoma" in London so I know he's better than a lot of the movies he's made. And Woody Allen's Scoop doesn't do any better than most of the others. But at least it means Jackman gets to offer an amusingly self-deprecating Woody imitation:
[Woody] said, 'Here's the script.'" At this point, Jackman picks up my note pad and offers it to me, then withdraws it when I try to take it from him. "It was like he didn't want me to have it! He said, 'I'd like you to read the script. You've probably got more important things to do, but if you don't - and you probably do - but if you don't, and you like it, which you won't, but if you do, I'd love you to play the part.'"

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