Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Hulk" Returns

They're actually making another "Incredible Hulk" movie, says Variety -- just don't call it a sequel. They're gonnna forget the Ang Lee misfire ever happened and just make a big, dumb, Hulk-get-angry summer blockbuster. It's due out in the summer of 2008, the same summer Robert Downey Jr. plays "Iron Man" in a film directed by Jon Favreau. Oddly, they're also going to release the next "Chronicles of Narnia" in May 2008 -- shouldn't that movie be ready for Christmas 2007? And if not, why not? "Narnia" feels much more like a Christmas franchise to me, given its Christian overtones. And why does Variety pretend that a new "Indiana Jones" movie could be coming out in summer of 2008? There's no script, no pre-production, not the slightest bit of movement on this project. So why list it?

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