Monday, November 06, 2006

Letters Home

A very funny Guardian article quotes extensively from a new book: Called "Don't Tell Mum," it's a collection of letters that college students send home to their parents while away on their "gap year," a British tradition of going off to see the world before launching yourself full time into studies (or done after school before getting a job or in the midst of school). A few of many highlights:
*Well, I got mugged again, trying to get across eight lines of traffic from Cinelandia to the Modern Art Museum in the pouring rain. He did have a knife, but he wasn't particularly threatening, and he let me open my wallet and give him the notes, rather than taking everything, which would have been a pain. It's OK. I'm used to it now.

**I know it is v dull to talk about the weather, but it is MINUS 30 degrees today [in northern Russia], so I think I am allowed. All my shampoo on my shelf etc freezes every night and children aren't allowed to go to school because they walk too slowly and tend to freeze to death before they get there. Nice.

***Hey, ma, must be quick cos late. Just to warn you, met some awesome Aussies last night, who are going to London next week. I said they could stay with you, to save money. Gave them your number, hope you don't mind, they're all lovely. Can't remember names, but all (four in total) so funny and lovely and super-fit. Xxx love you.

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