Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Michael Jackson and Mel Gibson: Looking For Love

Not with each other, of course. Michael Jackson loves little boys and mel Gibson loves the wrathful God the Old Testament, even if Yahweh did hang out with Jews a lot of the time. Jackson is supposed to perform an elaborate version of "Thriller" at the World Music Awards this week, but FoxNews.com's Roger Friedman predicts MJ will be a No Show, if only for the simple fact that Jackson doesn't have anyone on staff right now with the experience to make this happen.

Meanwhile, Friedman reports on Mel Gibson's attempts to rehabilitate himself in time for "Apocalypto" by reaching out to the Latino. Friedman wonders if all the carefully selected press people will just roll over or actually ask hard questions. Given the free pass Clay Aiken was given on his recent press outings, I'd say yes. (Though obviously limiting himself to a very few safe havens left Clay's album dead in the water.) I'm intrigued by Edward James Olmos, who says the movie blew him away and says, quite reasonably, that he still went to Elia Kazan's movies after Kazan testified against his fellow travellers, so if Olmos can go to a Kazan movie he can certainly go to a Gibson movie, without that implying he approves or likes the guy's politics or behavior. Fair enough, but as for the Latino leader who told the LA Times, "People do make mistakes. He screwed up. So what? Move on." Really? And if Gibson had called a Latino police officer a wetback, I suppose you'd think no one should make a fuss about that either? There's a difference between someone going to a movie and judging it on its own merits and a leader of a minority community who should be alert to prejudice against any group simply ignoring slurs against another just because it didn't include them.

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