Monday, November 06, 2006

Okay, Maybe "Borat" Isn't So Outlandish

The NY Daily News tracked down a recent immigrant from Kazakhstan and took the 21 year old man to see "Borat." He's only been here for five months and seemed fine with much of the movie as long as he didn't think the joke was on him or his country. The name Borat isn't Kazakh, he pointed out, and he was also puzzled by the music. (It's from Serbian director Kusturica, I believe.) He loved it when Borat splashed water from a toilet on his face but then got very upset when Borat kissed his sister very lustily on the mouth. He insists the "Running of the Jew" (presented as a tradition in Borat's hometown) is ridiculous because "we barely have Jews." And then there's this reaction to a nude wrestling scene that childishly implies all sorts of gay stuff:
"I'm not used to this. One gay guy came to town once and he turned up dead in a lake two weeks later," said the freshly minted New Yorker.
Oh, well then, that clears that up: no gays in Kazakhstan because the Kazakhs kill them all whenever they're found. And they barely have Jews. (I wonder why?) Clearly, the movie is filled with outrageous stereotypes.

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