Thursday, November 16, 2006

Okay, So Michael Jackson DID Perform

No, Michael Jackson didn't do an elaborate version of "Thriller." He sort of shambled on stage with a children's choir (natch) and mumbled out a few verses of "We Are The World." Most news reports say people booed since virtually everyone was at the World Music Awards to see Michael blow them away with a comeback performance. In doubt that, since his fanatic fans would probably just squeal over the excitement of being in the same room; they might be disappointed, but they wouldn't boo. One fan said online people were booing OTHER acts because all they wanted to see was Michael. That I believe. But any parents who let their kids in the choir hang out with Michael and even perform with him should be ashamed of themselves. And Michael's comment that "Thriller" is now the best-selling album of all time at 140 million copies sold is nice, but just a tad about 90 million copies. Michael has sold 26 million copies of "Thriller" in the US (more than any other CD except a greatest hits package by the Eagles) and a reported 51 million copies worldwide. Why exaggerate that achievement? It just goes to show how delusional he is.

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