Thursday, November 16, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Day Break" Disaster

As I predicted, the series premiere of the laughably confusing "Day Break" was a disaster -- losing a massive 61% of its "Dancing With The Stars" lead-in and dropping in viewers every half hour (which means that even the people who tuned in didn't like what they say. For a complete ratings rundown, go to MediaWeek's Marc Berman.

8 p.m.
1. Dancing With The Stars finale (ABC) -- 27.22 million viewers
2. Jericho (CBS) -- 9.41 mil
3. Bones (FOX) -- 7.89 mil
4. The Biggest Loser (NBC) -- 6.31 mil
5. America's Next Top Model (CW) -- 4.67 mil

9 p.m.
1. Criminal Minds (CBS) -- 16.56 mil
2. Day Break (ABC) -- 10.54 mil
3. Medium (NBC) -- 9.43 million
4. Bones rerun (FOX) -- 5.74 mil
5. One Tree Hill (CW) -- 3.25 mil

10 p.m.
1. CSI: NY (CBS) -- 15.99 mil
2. Day Break (ABC) -- 10.54 mil
3. Medium (NBC) -- 9.43 million


TV Man said...

what 27 million people watched dancing with the stars. The show sucks!

Also what do you think about 3lbs? I happen to know Scott Kaufer, one of the producers. I think it's a good show but not as good as House. It was very smart for CBS to put it on after house.

Michael in New York said...

I have the first three episodes but haven't watched them yet. DVRs will do that for you -- I just don't feel the need to watch shows right when they air, even if I love them. (Like Friday Night Lights.) Only something like Heroes, where I know people will write about it do I feel obliged to watch right away. I must confess I've never watched DWTS, but I can't be superior -- I never miss an episode of American Idol. I'll watch 3 LBs and post later. Certainly Stanley Tucci is always worth a look.