Monday, November 06, 2006

PlayStation 3 -- Early Reviews

The NYT quotes video gamers who are blown away by the new PS3. It hits stores Nov. 17 but you need to have pre-ordered the darn thing if you don't want to wait in line overnight (and still run the risk of it being out of stock). I've managed to avoid video games since I was a kid and mastered Asteroids and Space Invaders. Home gaming systems always frightened me because I knew I'd just become addicted. I've avoided WoW for the same reasons. But this machine interests me because Sony hopes to give their next generation DVD system (the BluRay) an insurmountable lead over HD-DVD by making the PS3 Blu-Ray ready, In fact, that's one reason these players have been so delayed -- trying to figure out the specs for the DVD player. Sounds like they've got a winner on their hands -- though XBox has a big early jump on them and it will be the games themselves that ultimately determine the winner.

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