Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scalpers Beware: Music Acts Want To Steal Your Business

Music promoters and pop stars used to talk about how they could defeat scalpers. Now they talk about how they can get a piece of the pie, too. In other words, instead of just getting tickets into the hands of fans, they're trying to see how much money THEY cna squeeze out of concertgoers and cut out the scalper middleman. Great. "There was a need not being met," says one such greddy bastard. Really? There was a need to take $100 concert tickets and reprice them for $300? Another one says there are now so many "convenient" options for getting tickets that people don't need to commit to a show six months in advance. Sure, not if they don't mind paying $500 for a single ticket. What fantasy world do these people live in? Instead of figuring out a system to make sure the many FANS who want to see their act in concert can get tickets at face value, they want to soak those fans for as much money as possible.

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