Saturday, November 04, 2006


It was rough going there for a bit. We answered all 24 questions on the Central Park scavenger hunt. But we failed to take one of the required photos along the way (I was, I admit, somewhat to blame for this oversight). As the deadline approached, we started to feel harried and rushed through the last few questions, unwittingly botching one. Then when we arrived at base camp, we found at we'd missed a shocking THREE of the questions. Three? Plus a missing photo meant another point off, so we were four points behind the maximum. Our cocky confidence was shaken but my brother Chris, his wife Deborah and I consoled ourselves by giving our team (The WMDs) a rousing cheer of defiance whenever another team showed up. (Did I mention we were the first ones done?) And then the winners were announced going backwards from last to first and WE WON! Victory was ours. Deborah had complained about our being too competitive during the very first stage -- and then raced ahead to each new leg. She grew tired of our endless analysis of each trivia question and what we might have done wrong but her cheers of victory and taunts of our surpisingly good-natured opponents were just as lusty as ours. And we got t-shirts! A glorious day. And Watson Adventures is great fun for visitors looking for something new to do, friends who want to compete and company outings. Hurrah! for us! Hurrah.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your victory. Your brother must be a genius.

Michael's brother

Michael in New York said...

Uh, I believe i was the one who stopped you from a potentially disastrous detour at the very beginning and I was the one who kept you from going astray on the Roman numerals clue. Frankly, I can't remember if you contributed anything at all other than haranguing and arguing. It was pretty much all Deborah and me.