Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Surfing Through "Gilmore Girls" and "Show Me The Money"

First, the insanely bad William Shatner game show. It's stupidly easy AND takes forever to happen. You get three easy questions and can reject two while looking for one you know. Then you've got to pick a lovely dnacer with an envelope and hope you DON'T pick the one bad card. With my bad luck, I know I'd pick it. BUT, we finally found out that even if you do pick the bad card, as long as you selected the right answer the game continues. I could win so much money on this show if I were only willing to make a fool of myself. Did I mention that Shatner dances around throughout the show and that the ladies with envelopes all have stripper poles to writhe around? Of course, it all began with a screamingly gay man who didn't even know the facts about his absolute favorite artist Shania Twain, carried around a "murse" (a man purse) and squealed and giggled with delight while winning about $600,000. It's enough to make me self-hating.

And I am thisclose agian to closing the book on "Gilmore Girls." SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT These two women bear NO resemblance whatsoever to the Lorelai and Rory I fell in love with. Lorelai is in Paris and gets impressed by Christopher throwing around lots of money (who knows how much? $10,000? $20,000?) to get a restaurant to open at 5 in the morning and serve dinner. Their romantic notion of sleeping on a park bench doesn't really play to well in the gauche setting. And Rory is just hateful -- her staff throws her a going-away party and when one of them hugs her she acts like Paris or her grandmother, all stiff and uncomfortable around emotion. And then she blows off the drinks with them at the local bar. Rory again hangs out with the ridiculous and boring two girls, one of whom turns out to be dating Naked Guy, who I loved the moment he appeared until the show turned him into a loser. Now he pretends -- inexplicably -- that he doesn't know Rory. Meanwhile, MORE SPOILERS Lorelai MARRIES Christopher even though she doesn't want to. We know it's meaningless because we don't even see the ceremony and she immediately has a look of regret in her eyes. So now Lorelai is married to someone she knows she doesn't love (because he asked nicely?) and Rory is clearly being set up to fall for Naked Guy instead of all but disappeared Logan. The only reason I watch the show now is to yell back at the screen.

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