Friday, January 12, 2007

FBI Wasting Resources Raiding Adult Porn Producers

That's the contention of top industry people in California, where most of the (straight) adult porn is made. (Gay porn flourishes overseas for some reason, especially in countries like Hungary). The Feds are combing through the industry looking for underage actors. Most of the people in the industry say they'd never risk their multi-million dollar businesses by employing underage actors.
"The FBI is being decent and fair about it," Hirsch said. "But I don't think it's an issue. There's plenty of girls of age who are willing to do this."
Kiddie porn is a huge problem, but it's found online and in the fringes, not among the top, well-known producers. Frankly, I was most amused by the picture of one porn producer, who just LOOKS so much like a porn producer he was probably born to play the part -- how anyone could have sex with him lurking around is beyond me. And of course, the porn industry is filled with sad stories: most of the "actors" you see are drug addicts or were abused as kids in one way or another. But pro forma FBI raids don't solve any of that misery.

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