Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Overnight TV Ratings -- "House" and Hannity Strong

I still can't be bothered to give an hour by hour breakdown on the TV ratings until next week and the return of "24" and "American Idol." Go to MediaWeek's Marc Berman for a complete rundown -- suffice to say, a new episode of "House" was the night's big winner, with 17.8 million viewers. On Sunday night, the debut of Sean Hannity's new show did very well too -- he drew 1.05 million viewers, handily improving on the timeslot's former occupant...Sean Hannity. (It used to air reruns of "Hannity & Colmes." Hannity also doubled CNN's viewership, with segments like "Enemy Of The State" (the first week's tired pick: Sean Penn) and interviews with Cindy Sheehan, who apparently is still kicking around.

And on cable, Showtime can't get a break: "The L Word" debuted to a mere 359,000 viewers. Even MTV's "I'm From Rolling Stone" did better (not by much), while the Tom Sizemore reality show on VH1 pulled 718,000 viewers and Nick's "Just Jordan" was in a whole other universe, with 2.8 million eyes. Also on the downside was soapy show "Wildfire," which saw its third season debut at a record low 1.9 million.

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