Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"American Idol" -- Results For Top 9

I was right! I was wrong! Yes, I correctly I predicted I would be wrong and boy was I right. I only named one of the bottom three (Phil) and -- if you're being nice -- Haley as well. (I named a bottom four but forgot to narrow it down. And of course Gina went home. She sang well the last two weeks but completely abandoned her niche so the people who were supporting her were turned off. Tony Bennett had the flu and Michael Buble performed the title track from his May CD "Call Me Irresponsible." I imagined him thinking, "I don't need no stinkin' 'Idol' when he took the stage." And when he left he should have been grateful the judges weren't critiquing him. Buble and the band seemed out of sync -- someone was draggy -- he faded out on more than a few lines, hit an awkward high note towards the end and maybe even forgot a lyric briefly. His attitude was very late period Rat Pack, casual and a bit sloppy, frankly. Not great. And like a lot of young guys who sing the standards, he seems wildly insecure about making sure people know he likes the honeys. That joke about Antonella was worthy of the Oscars for its ineptitude. I don't know what's worse: the idea that he made it up or the idea that they wrote it for him. It was great to see Jordin in the top three. She is definitely this season's Kelly Clarkson: someone who keeps getting better week after week, has a sweet personality and yet somehow is under the radar so you don't get bored with her the way people may be with Melinda and LaKaisha. The middle three were Chris and Blake and Sanjaya and boy must Sanjaya have been pleased to see himself grouped with them. Clearly Phil and Gina and Haley were the bottom three and would it have surprised us to see any one of them go home? Nope. I placed too much emphasis on the extraneous stuff and not enough on the singing: I think you've got to stress what is forgettable. And Haley and Gina and Phil (and arguably Blake) were the most forgettable. Haley burst into tears because she just KNEW she was going home, only to find out it was Gina, who then really burst into tears. Some loving close-ups of Jordin were the cherry on top for her week and it's always fun to see the Idols lingering off-stage unsure of when to go up and surround the winner -- will they be comforting her or upstaging her? All perfectly reasonable with the crazy possibility that Sanjaya might have been in the top 4 in voting this week.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with Michael Buble as well. I'm a big fan, but show some class, and practice the song before you perform it live. (Though I did laugh at the Antonella joke.)

I predicted Phil would get the boot, but should have seen Gina coming. She totally abandoned her base this week, and they didn't vote for her. Whatever. She wasn't that good. Though her "Smile" song was aptly appropriate to sing after being booted.

As for Sanjaya, while he is clearly the worst performer, he's not that much worse than Phil or Haley. So I can see him lasting at least another couple of rounds, which is fine by me. The kids entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I like Michael Buble, but to my eyes he looked either drunk or high last night. Not the best way to gain new fans considering it was probably the largest audience he'll ever perform in front of.